During your consultation, your physician will meet with you to discuss your symptoms, review your medical history and perform a comprehensive evaluation.

Based on what we learn from this initial consultation, we’ll determine which diagnostic tests or treatments may be most beneficial to you and coordinate these follow up services with the appropriate specialty care providers or facilities.

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At Neuro-ophthalmic Consultants Northwest, we provide care for patients who have visual problems such as diplopia and partial loss of vision that are or may be due to disorders of the nervous system, and not due to disorders of the eyes themselves.

Patients referred to us may present with blurred vision, loss of vision, double vision, difficulty tracking with the eyes, vertigo, drooping eyelids, eye pain, changes in their pupils, and other visual symptoms. The potential causes of these problems vary widely, ranging from benign but bothersome migraines, to serious conditions such as brain tumors. Examples of these disorders include stroke, multiple sclerosis, thyroid eye (Graves’) disease, myasthenia gravis, physical trauma, and eyelid or facial spasm.

Experienced Sub-specialists:

Drs. Hamilton, May, and Grazko are board-certified neurologists who have completed advanced medical training in the specialized field of neuro-ophthalmology.  Dr. Hamilton and May have Clinical Faculty positions at the University of Washington, and participate in the training of Neurology and Ophthalmology residents. They are also active participants in national research studies, giving patients the advantage of the very latest in neuro-ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment options.  



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